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Maggie, 9, enjoys her training twice a week. She's great at art and a very well behaved child.

Brain self-regulation using the EEG Biofeedback method

Neurofeedback is an efficient, safe and non-intrusive method of training, by which the brain learns how to be more effective.

The person looks at the game.

The eye sends the nerve signals to brain ...

The brain receives the nerve signals from the eye and analyses them.

The brain's nerve paths are strengthened by winning the game with positive nerve signals.

This is the learning process.

If the brain waves are close to the desired ones, the game presents winning situations – the dart hits the bullseye, a rock lands in the bucket.

The whole loop takes 15ms.

The EEG device measures the brain waves and sends data to a computer for real-time analysis.

The operator can adjust how the game reacts to the brain waves generated so that the learning process is improved.